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build...build better

in situ installations at the Historic Zion Schoolhouse

Yael Brotman, Panya Clark, Libby Hague and Penelope Stewart

essay by Dr. Matthew Brower, 

8.5" x8.5" with pull out cover

52  pagges

ISBN 978-0-9877540-0-4




Open Studio Artists and Engramme Artists in collaboration.

The catalogue documents the residencies and exhibitions in Ontario and Québec.


essay Rose Bouthillier


Co-published by Open Studio Publishing, La Ruche Press & Engramme, 2012,

8.5" x 9.5"

87 pages


the house project

The House Project, a site intervention project 1994, bilingual English and French

essays - Claire Christie and  Sylvie Fortin

 8" x 9"

50 pages